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RV Service Plans

Protect yourself from rising repair costs and get the most out of your investment by keeping it on the road.

Easy Care Protection Program

Don't let your spirit of adventure be limited by a manufacturer's warranty. Easy Care offers you valuable extended service coverage so an unexpected repair won't slow you down. Preferred has a long history of exceptional customer service and claims administration. Claims are paid directly to the repair facility by check or credit card and repairs can be made at any authorized licensed repair facility in the US or Canada. We have several protection plans to choose from. Call us today.

ResistAll Interior/Exterior Protection Program

The ResistAll family of products are the most advanced, powerful exterior and interior environmental protection products available, with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. ResistAll has interior and exterior protection that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover. Our products are water-based, meeting strict environmental standards, so not only to further protect your vehicle from the environment on the outside, but also you and your family on the inside. And ResistAll can be purchased on both new and used vehicles.